Selected Funny Jokes And Pictures To Share In Twitter

Welcome, dear friends. We return to bring you a compilation of great and funny pictures for you rials a while. Laughing is a very good therapy to reduce stress. This list of Funny Jokes And Pictures, will see to that. Take a look.

A Lot Of Funny Jokes And Pictures To Laugh

Oh, the internet is full of funny things, from the very beginning actually. It does not matter if you are at work, at the subway, at the bust or at the park. If you want to take a laugh or two, you can do a quick search online and you will find hundreds of webs full of good humor. And you can get those images and share it to your friends on social networks so they can have a funny moment to.

If you are tired from work, school, fear not! The weekend is coming! Make your plans and go party! But always remember to take care and do not drive drunk, my friend.

Funny Jokes And Pictures + the weekend


Technology and social networks have become part of our life. But some people just cross the line. Maybe that is why the battery does not get an upgrade. So we can be without fun for a while and socialize in real life.

facebook status joke


Many will feel identified with this image. Sometimes you are just too lazy to take a shower, but when you do finally, is paradise and do not want to leave.

first shower problem joke


This image reflects the importance of learning acronyms. It is very common to see those type of things on the web.

funny blond idk joke


I can assure you that this has happened to you. It has happened to everyone. But facebook is like the perfect world where everyone is a friend of everyone.

how facebook works joke

Thanks to the Internet we can clear ourselves of our daily activities. Take a quick look at this wonderful world can make us laugh and rejoice the day. If you liked these images please share them with your friends. See you.

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