Some Sad Lovely Pics For You

Hello, young love. Sometimes love can hurt more than most people think. When you are in love you forget that this can happen. But hey! That’s not bad, it means that you risked to let someone know you as you really are, and that’s very brave. Here you have some Lovely Pics Sad, sure you like.


It is not easy to forget someone you’ve given for both. And proablemente you think it will never happen, but it will. Do not worry.

Sad Lovely Pics + sea


If the right person, some even wait for that person all his life. But only if that person so requests.

i'll wait


Sometimes it is easier to let go. Do not be afraid, you are not alone. Then you will see that it was better that way.

it hurts to let go


Remember that it is better to be alone than be with someone who makes you feel alone.

it is better to be alone


And someday you’ll tell someone that that person is your whole sky. Do not despair.

my sky


Keep in mind that love is a beautiful thing, but do not have to suffer for it all the time. When you are truly meant to be the best thing in the world, no time to mourn for anything. If tegustaron these images please remember to share. See you.

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