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Pleasant Pray For World Peace Quotes

The best way to lead a good life, is to peace. There are many ways to achieve peace. And peace itself means different things to different people. But the idea is always the same, live in peace. So today’s list is a collection of Pray For World Peace Quotes. Leelas and find your way to your own peace.

Beautiful Pray For World Peace Quotes And Phrases

There is a lot of conflicts in the world, every day, in every nation. Some can think that wars is over but is not. Day by day there is a lot of wars being fighted in all places around the globe. Peace in the world is a very difficult thing to achieve, we need to start changing ourselves in order to make this a better place to live. Living with anger and hate is not good at all, not for you or anyone else.

A certain phrase of Mr. Gandhi is that the day that the power of love overcomes the love of power is when the world will know peace. But the human is codicious and is always craving for power and control over others.

Pray For World Peace Quotes


For peace is not the absence of power. Peace is the presence of love. Love brings calm, patience and understanding. 

prayers for world peace facebook


Peace in the world will be achieved when each person has the power of love. Start to loving yourself and you will find peace in you, then you can love others and bring peace to them.

prayers for world peace pictures


Follow the example of Pope Francis. Pray for peace in the world and in our hearts. 

prayers for world peace


If something is not the will of the Lord, give us peace to not worry about that.

praying for peace quotes

When you learn and understand that peace is not to be in a quiet place, but be quiet although there is a lot of noise, that’s when you know you live calm. Please share these images in your social networks. Teach your friends to achieve peace. Have a nice day.


Nicest Quotes About Being A Good Parent

Hello, good day, dear friends. Today I come to share images on phrases and quotes about parenting. Being a parent is one of the most important and difficult tasks in life. But the rewards of this hard work is very beautiful. So I leave here this list of Quotes About Being A Good Parent. Let’s see!

Parenthood: Quotes About Being A Good Parent

Being a parent is a full time job. But it is a special job because when you are parent for the first time you know nothing about taking care of a baby and all that stuff related. But it is also an amazing new experience because expending time with your baby and watch him learn a lot of new stuff. Teaching him to talk, to walk, to eat. It is a very beautiful scene.

There are two gifts we should give our children, one is roots, the other wings. So that way they learn to stand and make front to lots of things, and wings so they can fly and make their own path.

Quotes About Being A Good Parent + gift to children


Being a good mother does not require the same qualities to be a good housewife. A good mother does a lot of things perfectly for her children.

being a good mother parent quote


A father must always remember that your child one day follow his example instead of his advice. And that’s the important of having good behavior and values. 

every father good quote


No friendship or love is like the one that parents have for their child. This is an unconditional pure love.

friendship love parent good quote


Parents can give advice or put them on the right track. But the children shape their lives with their own hands.

parents give good advice


If these images inspired you or you took a smile, please share them with your friends. Remember that you can not be the perfect parent, but you can do an excellent job. Take care.


Gorgeous Pictures Of Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings

Hello friends. Welcome. This time I come to show a list of images to engagement rings. Take the big step and get married is very important. The rings are great symbol of commitment between two people. It has been a tradition of centuries. This list is Pictures Of Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings.

Pictures Of Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings That Defines Love

Rings comes in all shapes and colors, and even materials. Some of them are expensive while others are not that expensive but equally nice looking. But the best of rings is that it demonstrate that you are a very caring, responsible and loving person who is engaged to another person that is the same as you.

This first image shows different styles of very nice rings. They are thin, for small and delicate hands.

Pictures Of Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings + three rings


This diamond ring comes in two versions, with a beautiful inlaid stone and another. The ring you choose depends on the tastes of your love.

big diamong ring


In this case, the gemstone is located just above the ring. Another very nice style. This ring is very special and rarely you see a style of this kind.

big ring


In this picture you can see three different types of engagement rings. There are even some that are pure gold, without deposits. They are equally beautiful.

diamond wedding ring


Finally, we have this ring with a beautiful wrought and inlaid between the curves of the ring. This is the work of an artisan very skilled.

gold ring

No matter as the engagement ring. The important thing is to keep the commitment that means give it to the person you love. Much love and understanding. Awaits a life together. Please remember to share these images with your friends.


The Most Special Quotes About Loving Your Children

Hello again, mothers. We return with a list of images with quotes gaps or phrases that are dedications from mothers to children. Very cute messages to share with your children and remind them how much you love them. This list is Quotes About Loving Your Children. I hope you love it.

Full Of Caring Quotes About Loving Your Children

Children are part of the life of their parents, and even more. For a mother, her children is the most beautiful thing that has ever given to her. For a father, his children is the most incredible thing that could have happened to him. They take care for their children and worry for everything that happen to their little boys and girls.

My children, remember that I love you. Life is full of difficult times. But you have to be the best you can be. And when you grow up you will know what you are capable of.

Quotes About Loving Your Children + to my children


The child who knows what unconditional love is the greatest gift the world can offer. And parents are the ones that show their children what unconditional love is.

quote child love


I love him for being my son.  I love everything that has to do with him because I’m in love with him.

quote love my son


Do not forget to love her. Love that little girl used to be. Because she still is that little girl on the inside.

quote mother dont forget


A mother thinks of his son day and night. Even if she’s not with her children. She will love them. And she will know if anything happens to them because they are part of her.

quote mother to children

I hope this little compilation you liked it. Very nice phrases that are in these images. Children are the best gift a mother can receive. So love and the bond that unites them is indestructible. Please remember to share these images with your friends.


Beautiful And Inspirational Poems From Mother To Son

Hello friends. If you are looking for an image of a mother for her child, you are in the right place. This time the collection of images is very beautiful poems. The love of a mother is very large. So this list is Inspirational Poems From Mother To Son. I hope you like them.

Inspirational Poems From Mother To Son With Background Images

The bound that mother and son share is indestructible. It is created when their son is still on their inside. When the baby is born, a mother can give him so much love that she can almost not believe it, that baby becomes a part of her and she will do anything to protect him, watch him grow and guide him to the good path. 

A mother can express herself in many ways to his boy, but one of the most beautiful things words can build are poems. Poems are words with passion imbued on it.

Son, do not give up. Do not give up. You do not sit on the stairs just because you find it difficult. But whenever you need my help, I will help you my child. 

Inspirational Poems From Mother To Son + mother to son


The joy of a mother, is his son. His greatest treasure. The happiness of his son, is the desire of a mother.

care and support


Son, I want to tell you that as you grow, do not lose your confidence in yourself. Lose your fears. This is the best advice a mother can give to his son.

dear son


Give and take, throws and catches, push and grows. Love and know. Know that you are loved.

mother to daugther


The bond between a mother and child lasts a lifetime. And after this. It remains unchanged by the time or distances. It is the purest love.

the bond between mother and son

I hope this list of images with beautiful poems you liked it. The love of a mother is something unconditional. Full of patience and many other virtues. I hope you remember to share this with your friends. See you.


Fancy Picture Of Engagement Ring On The Finger

Hello Hello. How are you? I hope great. All right. Today we will see some pictures a little different. This is engagement rings. An engagement ring is something very special and important that is given to someone who is very important to us and we want to be in our lives forever. So here I’ll leave a list of Picture Of Engagement Ring On The Finger. I hope that you like it.

Close Up Picture Of Engagement Ring On The Finger

Rings are a symbol of many things, but the most representative thing is commitment. Rings are like a promise, something you say to another person, the promise that you will be there no matter what. The promise that you will give all the love and comprehension you will be asked for at no cost and nothing in change.

As you can see, this ring is a classic cut. It is sober and straight lines. Very elegant and beautiful. That square shaped rock is beautiful.

Picture Of Engagement Ring On The Finger + square


The second ring is bulkier. Highlighted in delicate hands. It is a stone of considerable size. This should is a very expensive ring.

big jewel


The following is straight lines and slim cut. A diamond-shaped design. Quite elegant and sophisticated. It is perfect for the woman of your dreams.

sharp jewel


The next ring is a very simple cut, it is encrusted ring around the body. Understated but beautiful. Some girls don’t want something too much bulky, but very simple and cute.

simple ring


The last ring is much larger than others. It has a drop-shaped cut. Inlaid around. Far more colorful than everyone else.

tear like jewel

I hope these engagement rings you have liked. Hopefully this has been helpful list for you to decide which to buy for your future wife or husband. I hope that you share with your friends. See you.


Some Sad Lovely Pics For You

Hello, young love. Sometimes love can hurt more than most people think. When you are in love you forget that this can happen. But hey! That’s not bad, it means that you risked to let someone know you as you really are, and that’s very brave. Here you have some Lovely Pics Sad, sure you like.


It is not easy to forget someone you’ve given for both. And proablemente you think it will never happen, but it will. Do not worry.

Sad Lovely Pics + sea


If the right person, some even wait for that person all his life. But only if that person so requests.

i'll wait


Sometimes it is easier to let go. Do not be afraid, you are not alone. Then you will see that it was better that way.

it hurts to let go


Remember that it is better to be alone than be with someone who makes you feel alone.

it is better to be alone


And someday you’ll tell someone that that person is your whole sky. Do not despair.

my sky


Keep in mind that love is a beautiful thing, but do not have to suffer for it all the time. When you are truly meant to be the best thing in the world, no time to mourn for anything. If tegustaron these images please remember to share. See you.